10 reasons to visit Thailand

10 reasons to visit Thailand

There are many reasons to visit Thailand due to the huge variety of opportunities and experiences and the variation of different unique areas throughout the country. Over recent years Thailand has developed from an up and coming backpacker tourist destination to one of the most popular tropical and exotic destinations in the world.

Thailand beaches

1. Affordability.

Money can go a long way in Thailand and you can have a vacation with so many activities and wonderful experiences. Whilst Thai food can be expensive in some restaurants the street food and local traditional restaurants or stalls are so cheap and offer some of the best food you can buy with fresh ingredients and preparation. Hotels and bungalows can also be found in some of the most luxurious places allowing outstanding highly rates and a cultural living feel whether it be on a white sandy beach or in the heart of main areas. Tours can also be cheap if selected carefully and tuk tuks can be found to take you on all day trips in some areas showing you the hidden gems of different provinces. Overall, doing research into what Thailand has to offer can make you see money can go a long way.

2. Thai Food.

Thai food is known around the world to offer some outstanding dishes and recipes and some of the finest cuisine around. However, the food in Thailand itself is usually hugely different than that found in restaurants in other foreign countries. The food in Thailand itself is often found to be even more delightful and rich in flavour for a much better price and with a massive variety in dishes and variations. Even some of the simplest dishes can taste completely different due to the fine knowledge in cooking techniques and fresh ingredients and spices. Another great thing is that you can ask for less or more spicy depending on personal preference. Many places have open kitchens allowing you to see the food in preparation and the art of cooking. Even the street food on side stalls offers some visual and tasty treats. Dishes like Som Tam,  known as Papaya Salad are not to be missed.

3. Culture & Heritage.

Buddhism is the core religion within Thailand and is obviously present in many things and places. Sometimes we can also see this in more detail when we look carefully. Whilst we can see this in the many beautiful temples and buildings, street art and food it is also noticeable in the way that people act towards each other and some of the non visual characteristics throughout. Thai culture sometimes has a unique but stunning simplicity that is different to any other.

4. Shopping.

Some of the best and most exciting shopping can be found in the Thailand regions ranging from high end luxury shops with bug brands such as Siam Paragon in Bangkok to the smaller street stalls offering some truly exciting finds and deals. Whether you like food, clothes, shoes, gadgets or art the variety of malls, markets and street stalls offer an unlimited supply of hours to find bargains or simply to just wander around and take it all in.

5. Exotic beaches

Thailand beaches can be some of the best in the world offering white, clear water, tropical marine life and beautiful views and scenery. Some of the finest beaches can be found around popular areas such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and also Koh Tao, one of the most famous diving locations of the world, as well as in some of the other less tourist destinations such as Krabi and Southern provinces. Beaches can even be reached within a short time from Bangkok, such as Koh Si Chang, just an hour away on the bus. Apart from this, some beaches also offer superb nightlife and all night activity such as full moon parties of Koh Phangan.

6. Thai people.

Often known as ‘the land of smiles’, Thailand has some of the most wonderful, friendly and interesting people. The culture and way of life here can provide some of the most welcoming people. The closeness can also be seen not just in popular areas but also in the more rural and quiet areas such as Chiang Mai and Isaan where whole communities can feel like one big family. Being able to visit here is an opportunity not to be missed where you can see and experience some of the everyday living in local villages. Thai people can also be amazing fun and often love to socialise and party. Like all areas, sometimes you can find bad experiences, however, in general the people offer comfort, kindness and respect, not just to each other but also to foreign visitors.

7. The city.

Bangkok is well known around the world, however, many people are not aware of the many things the city has to offer. Some say that Bangkok alone is like it’s own country. Visiting Bangkok can provide a holiday alone and it is well worth looking into what is available here before you visit or whilst you plan your trip. Some of the great things to do can be attending rooftop bars and pool parties, shopping around Siam and also local markets, visiting temples and even riding around on bike tours to experience the hidden gems of this wonderful place. Staying in the city also acts as a great hub for travelling to other areas and regions such as North Thailand and Southern provinces.

8. Nightlife

Thailand nightlife is never ending and has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are looking in the city or on one of the tropical islands there is always an option for you. Whilst Thailand is famous for it’s Go Go bars and backpacker bars it also offers some of the most exciting high end restaurants and bars, rooftop clubs and all night discos. There is never a shortage of things to do at night and following local guides or internet forums you are able to plan some of the best places on offer. Not all nightlife is busy and areas can often be nice to visit during the sunset for a more layer back and romantic feel.

9. Property and real estate

Thailand property and real estate is now a huge investment opportunity and has become increasingly popular from countries all over the world. Whether it be a luxury villa, traditional style home. condominium or apartment  there are many options available throughout. Whilst Bangkok offers some amazing luxury condominiums places like Pattaya, Koh Samui, Hua Hin and Phuket can offer some amazing premier and award winning developments. Many people are now purchasing for holiday homes, retirement and investment purposes and even for full time residential living.

10. Climate

The beauty of Thailand is that is offers all year sunshine. The cool, hot and rainy season can differ in timings around different areas so it is well worth planning and researching when these are before you attend your certain vacation or travelling destinations. Not everyone likes the humidity and heat so this can also be beneficial to those wishing to visit with tropical weather without being too much.