Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide For Thailand Property

Buyers Guide –

1) Reasons for Thailand property investment
2) Property ownership structures for foreigners
3) Purchasing processes & procedures
4) Further points to consider


1) Reasons for Thailand property investment

There are various reasons as to why people choose to invest in property in Thailand. When you are considering any type of property it is essential that you first define the purpose behind it. After this it becomes much easier to choose which are the better possible options to choose and look into because you can think how they fit your needs and wants.

Thailand has become such a popular region now for any type of property and real-estate investment so by doing this it will help to narrow down your options. Choosing the type of property that you want to invest in is probably the most essential thing that you must consider.

Some of the most popular reasons to invest are:

– Tourism and holiday purposes
– Retirement purposes
– Income purposes through rentals
– Capital appreciation
– Vacation property
– Residential property


2) Property Ownership Structures For Foreigners




Transfer fees:

Lease registration fee:

Specific business tax (SBT):

Stamp duty:

Withholding tax (WHT):


3) Purchasing processes & procedures

Reservation process:

Payment options:

Transfer of ownership:


4) Further points to consider