Weather In Thailand: Planning A Visit

Weather In Thailand: Planning A VisitWeather in Thailand

The weather in Thailand can vary from region to region so planning a visit in advance is a task well worth doing. The tropical climate is apparent all year round, however, Thailand is known to have 3 seasons of different weather which are the cool season, hot season and the monsoon season. The warmth and humidity are noticeable all year round throughout the country, however, how humid it is and how much rain you get in certain regions will depend on what time you visit. Typically the monsoon season is apparent from the month June through to October, the cool season is from November to February and the hot season runs from March to May.

North Thailand

The weather is North Thailand is significantly different to the other regions in that the temperatures can be much lower than others during the cool season. Areas such as Isaan and Chiang Mai, especially in the mountains, are much cooler. During the hot season temperatures can be much higher during all hours, day and night, and in the monsoon season the amounts of precipitation are usually less, however, large storms can still occur.

Central Thailand

The 3 seasons occur here just like any other part although, like the North, there is something that sets it apart from the others…..the heat. Bangkok is well known to hold much higher temperatures during the hot season, which makes the cool season a more preferable time to visit for most. Others will just spend a few days here and there in passing through to other areas. Even in the monsoon season the heat can still be a strain for many people due to the humidity but one positive thing is that storms tend to be shorter and pass more quickly.

South Thailand

The weather in Thailand, in the South, also has a slightly different trend to the central areas and the North. The cool season is not really so noticeable as the temperatures do not drop so noticeably and temperatures can still remain quite high throughout most of the year. A difference in the South regions around the islands is that the monsoon season can differ in timings between the east and west. Generally in the west the season will start in earlier months. One thing that is also apparent is that storms can be very intense and are well known to last for long periods during the months of September and October.